This week Citibank has made its ThankYou rewards program a little more social by creating its very own Facebook application, which launched on Tuesday.

Citibank credit cardholders who have one of Citibank's ThankYou rewards cards or a checking account with Citibank are eligible for this rewards program. By registering in the ThankYou program, users can earn points for every dollar they spend on purchases using the card. Members earn additional points by shopping at participating stores, shopping online through Citi's shopping portal, buying through selected catalog companies or purchasing qualifying gift certificates. Points can be redeemed for a variety of items, including merchandise, travel opportunities, gift certificates to stores, movie theaters and restaurants, charitable donations and even cash.

With the Facebook application, members of the program can pool their points with their Facebook friends who are also in the ThankYou program. With the collective points, members can put them toward a larger goal or reward that they can share.

"With the new ability to pool points together through their social networks, ThankYou members can rally their friends towards a bigger reward -- whether they are interested in combining points to book a weekend getaway or supporting a common cause," said Ralph Andretta, Citibank's head of co-brands and loyalty programs, in a press release.

ThankYou members can use the Facebook app by linking their ThankYou account to their Facebook profile.

Once the accounts are connected, users can then set a goal and start a pool of points toward reaching it. Pools can be established for an individual, group or cause. Users can also create ThankYou wish lists and highlight items from that list that they or others can put their points toward.

After setting a goal, members can choose how many points they'd like to contribute toward the pool. Then they can invite their Facebook friends who are also ThankYou members and have the Facebook app to join their point pool. They can invite people directly and also share Facebook wall posts to their friends and family to get them involved in the program.

The application also lets members keep track of their progress toward their goal by calculating the percentage toward the goal for their points pool.

"This new app is a first in the marketplace and a fun, flexible way to share ThankYou points -- as well as rewarding experiences -- with friends and family," said Andretta.

As part of the application's launch, Citibank is giving away 10 million points to qualifying ThankYou members through the Facebook app. The first 4,000 ThankYou members who link the ThankYou app to their Facebook page by February 3, 2012, will receive 2,500 ThankYou points.

Citi launched the ThankYou program a year ago in response to customers' desire for a more flexible and convenient rewards card. The ThankYou portfolio of cards includes a preferred card, premier card and prestige card, all with different benefits, fees and perks. The basic preferred card does not have an annual fee, and there's no limit to rewards points a cardholder can earn. Holders also have the opportunity to earn specialized bonus points. With this card points do not expire as long as the cardholder uses the card for a purchase at least once a year.

The other two cards have annual fees, but they offer additional perks such as earning points for flying, discounts on air travel, and even more opportunities to earn bonus points.

Over the last year, Citi enhanced the program by adding a mobile rewards app that lets users tap into the ThankYou program through their mobile phones, allowing them to browse and redeem rewards via the app, as well as receive same-day pick up of Best Buy merchandise at any U.S. Best Buy location.