MasterCard has taken its popular "priceless" advertising campaign and has turned it into an opportunity to enjoy unique experiences in its Priceless Cities initiative.

Launched last July, MasterCard started off this initiative with Priceless New York, which offered cardholders the opportunity to go to events and experiences like special dinners and events with famed New York chefs, the opportunity to get tickets to special music performances, a family sleepover at the Bronx Zoo, special savings at retail stores and more.

Priceless City Experiences "Priceless Cities is an evolution from celebrating priceless moments to enabling priceless experiences," said Alfredo Gangotena, chief marketing officer, MasterCard, in a statement.

The program encompasses several different categories of experiences, including culinary, sports, music and entertainment, shopping, travel, and arts and culture. Cardholders can register at MasterCard's Priceless New York website to access its special offers. Those with World Elite MasterCards can also get preferred access to special events, as well as offers just for holding this particular card.

While deemed "priceless," most experiences do have price tags. Some are relatively inexpensive, such as a $35 pre-event party for the New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Show. Others can make you open your wallet a little wider, like an April 1st black truffle brunch at chef-to-the-stars John DeLucie's new Upper East Side restaurant Crown. The four-course brunch with champagne runs $295 a ticket.

New York was the first city in MasterCard's Priceless City program. Soon after its launch, MasterCard unveiled Priceless London. The London program is structured similarly to the New York one, except that its experiential categories include music and theater, dining, shopping, travel and hotels, and museums and days out.

London's Natural History Museum forged a three-year partnership with MasterCard to offer special "After Hours" and "Night Safari" events that allow cardholders to enjoy the exhibits in the evening. The museum's Night Safari gives members the opportunity to meet the scientists of the museum and examine specimens that are usually kept behind closed doors. "We are delighted to be working in partnership with MasterCard," said Dr. Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum in a statement. "At the Natural History Museum we are committed to sharing our spaces, collections and scientific expertise with new audiences, and so this is a fantastic opportunity to develop this within our After Hours and Night Safari programs."

"MasterCard is evolving from a brand that celebrates priceless moments to one that enables priceless experiences, thereby bringing additional benefits to choosing to use MasterCard and building further emotional engagement with consumers," said Paul Trueman, head of marketing for MasterCard UK and Ireland. "London is already an iconic, much-loved city and our aim is to enhance experiences of the Capital for all MasterCard cardholders from London, the UK and abroad, through long-term partnerships such as this one with the Natural History Museum that underpin Priceless London."

MasterCard added Toronto to its Priceless Cities program at the beginning of November. "As Torontonians, we know our city is one of the best in the world, and we're excited that MasterCard selected Toronto to launch Priceless Cities in Canada," said Lilian Tomovich, head of marketing for MasterCard Canada in a statement.

In a survey it conducted, MasterCard found that seven out of ten Torontonians wished they knew their city better. Six out of ten wanted to be able to find unusual experiences in the city. With these findings, MasterCard designed its Priceless Toronto program to include experiences that cardholders could share with their friends and family, like pairs of tickets to pro basketball games, and exclusive access to one-of-a-kind experiences, like Priceless EdgeWalk Day, the first Friday of the month, when cardholders have sole access to tickets to walk the edge of the CN Tower.

MasterCard plans on expanding its Priceless Cities program to other cities around the globe this year.